PHA based material developments




"Nature creates the raw materials, we create the perfect blend."
PHAradox motto

At Helian Polymers we develop PHA-based materials to help our customers produce sustainable products. We help to make the transition from plastics to PHA based material solutions. With more than fifteen years of experience distributing biobased raw materials we are able to use this knowledge

to develop new and unique and biodegradable compounds, tailor-made to suit your needs. With our brand PHAradox we offer high quality materials made with the best PHA building blocks. Our in-house development, pilot production and testing capacities enable fast and reliable service.

Custom made

We utilize 15 years of experience and our partner network to develop bespoke material solutions


All our materials are fully biobased, 100% biodegradable and contain no microplastics.


We're fast and flexible since we develop, compound and test our material developments in-house.

We're ambitious We strive for the best and do not settle for less.
We're brave We move forward and proceed outside our comfort zone.
We're curious We always assume there is more to learn and are eager to explore.


Our partners

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